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Bozeman Aerial Arts
Aerial Fitness

Come discover a whole new way to experience fitness! Aerial Fitness will provide a unique way to train in aerial arts, while giving you a fun way to work out! Enhance your physical capability and gain aerial knowledge while learning proper technique to build strength and improve flexibility. Each session will implement different apparatuses such as aerial silks, hammock, lyra and floor with various technique drills, strength exercises, and more!  All levels are encouraged and welcomed.


Helpful Tips

1. Come to class a few minutes earlier so we can get you signed in.
2. Wear comfortable workout clothing. We recommend t-shirts that cover the armpits and capris or pants.
3. Bring your water bottle to keep hydrated.
​4. We have a limited number of spaces available in our Aerial Arts classes. Please sign up online to guarantee your spot. 
5. Please remember to take off  jewelry and do not wear clothing with zippers or sharp embellishments that may catch on the fabric or your skin.​

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