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Pole Dance, Fitness, Bozeman Aerial Fitness, Floor Work, Flexibility

Pole Fitness

Build strength and flexibility while learning the art of pole dance fitness. A beautiful and great workout to add to your routine. Come in and leave your worries at the door, we promise you a great experience. Feel strong and sexy with pole.

We teach fitness-based pole that has elements of yoga, pilates, gymnastics, dance, strength training and cardio. Build strength, flexibility and self confidence with pole. 
Space is limited, so
pre-registration is required to guarantee your spot. Please show up 10 minutes before class and make sure you wear shorts! Do not put on any lotion the day of class and bring socks.
Pole: Beginner

Designed for beginners or those who have tried Pole once or twice. This class is an introduction to the art of pole dance. You will learn dance moves, spins and tricks, how to build strength in your core and upper body and improve flexibility. All while having fun and bringing some sass to the way you move through dance.


We recommend completing at least 6 – 8 Beginner Classes before checking in with your instructor to see if you’re ready to move to the next level. We also have Beginner/Elementary Combo Classes that are also great for a Beginner.


*If you would like to supplement your training, we recommend our Pole Conditioning Class, our Floor Work Class or a Choreo Class.

Pole: Beginner/Elementary

Are you interested in our Elementary classes but want to ease into it? Or perhaps you’re already in elementary class but you know how essential it is to keep working on the fundamentals. This class is made for you! Our BEGINNER/ELEMENTARY combination class will focus on developing our strength, technique and skills to prepare you for the next level. Each class you will be taught a sequence of moves that bring together skills from beginner and elementary classes to continue to build your confidence as you progress! This course is perfect for those who are ready to start transitioning into our elementary classes!

Pole: Elementary 

Elementary is our next level after Beginners. This level will develop your tricks, climbs, spins and sits further. Each week a different combination and sequence will be taught to develop your strength and coordination. You will also learn invert prep exercises to prepare to go upside down in the next level.

We recommend completing at least 6 – 8 Elementary Classes before checking in with your instructor to see if you’re ready to move to the next level.

*Please check in with your instructor if you are not sure which is the right level for you. We recommend supplementing your training with our Pole Conditioning Class, our Floor Work class or a Choreo Class.

Pole: Elementary /Intermediate

This class is designed for students who are currently in Elementary and eager to move up to Intermediate classes. We will continue to refine our skills from Elementary, as well as learning new tricks that will transition into Intermediate. Starting from the ground, we will begin to work on basic inversions to build up your strength and confidence. 

Pole: Strengthening & Conditioning

This conditioning class incorporates the pole and is designed to help you achieve and maintain the strength you need for working on aerial apparatuses. Attention is paid to isolated movements as well as longer more complicated sequences designed to maximize endurance. Balance and symmetry are emphasized through training on both sides.


Pole Dance: Choreo

This beginner/elementary class is all about finding your flow and exploring different types of movement. In choreo class you will learn a new routine each week using spins, climbs, floorwork and transitions. Leave the heels at the door and focus on bare foot movement and feeling your soul. Incorporate each sequence of choreo as you like into your own dance during free dance time.

Pole Dance, Fitness, Bozeman Aerial Fitness, Floor Work, Flexibility
Floor Work

Floor Work teaches sensual dance movement to increase flexibility, strength, and body awareness, all while learning fundamental floor movements and techniques. Learn a variety of leg work which will increase hip mobility and strength, floor inversions that will build core strength, overall stability and flexibility, and body & shoulder rolls to enhance movements across the floor.

The floor and our stilettos will be our main apparatuses, and we'll occasionally use the pole and chairs as well. Floor Work is an open level class.



Layers (covered shoulders are recommended), pole shoes (better for sliding around), knee pads.

Pole: Intermediate
In this class, you will perfect your inverts and climbs with control to make them look graceful and effortless. Sequences and combos with spins and tricks will be taught in each class. You will learn how to stay aerial for longer by learning how to transition through more complex moves and spins. Essential strength conditioning, muscle training and flexibility exercises will be a focus to help you achieve these goals.

Pre-Requisite: Must obtain instructor/studio approval. Make sure you check out our Pole Conditioning Class.
Private Lessons and Classes
​Private Series Classes

Schedule a private class or series with your friends on your time! Bring your friends together and learn pole. Call us to schedule. For more information and pricing.

Private Lessons

Develop your skills at your own pace with one-on-one time with our instructors! We can provide any of our class offerings in a personal format to take your workout to the next level. Learn new moves, work on any moves you are having difficulty with or experience a new aerial apparatus. With a private lesson, the choice is yours as to the direction you’d like to take your training. Call us to discuss your goals and schedule your private lesson. For more information and pricing.

Helpful Pole Tips

1. Wear comfortable workout clothing. Shorts are not required but skin contact helps on the pole.
2. Bring a water bottle.
​3. Do not wear jewelry, zippers or have any hard surfaces on your clothing that may scratch the pole  and catch.

4. We start with the basics  and believe in safety first, our pole classes are fitness based and we work on  progressing students by building strength and body awareness.

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