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Dance & Movement
Learn to Dance

If you have ever wanted to learn to dance, we invite you to join us. You can dance at any age, with any size, and with any skills. Learn your own style of movement and connect with your body. Explore musicality and movement through unique dance classes at Bozeman Aerial Fitness.

Burlesque, Jazz, Chair Dance, Contemporary, Bozeman Aerial Fitness
Burlesque Dance

The revived Burlesque movement inspires us to embrace our bodies through movement, accept and explore the joys of human sexuality and see that beauty isn’t defined by a mold – it comes in all shapes, colours, sizes and varieties. Using all areas of dance and performance training, this allows us to bring a new twist to vintage flavor… with Burlesque. 

After a short warm up to help you loosen up and prepare for dancing, our instructor will go over the basics of Burlesque Dancing. As you gain confidence with the moves, she will put them together in a fabulous routine. Get ready to have a lot of fun as you let your sensual, diva side come out and play.

Please feel free to dress up in your bootie shorts, fishnet stockings, corsets, or flirty outfits and character shoes if you have them. Bare feet, shorts and a tank top are perfectly fine as well.

**No street shoes please as they damage the floor.

Floor Work

Floor Work teaches sensual dance movement to increase flexibility, strength, and body awareness, all while learning fundamental floor movements and techniques. Learn a variety of leg work which will increase hip mobility and strength, floor inversions that will build core strength, overall stability and flexibility, and body & shoulder rolls to enhance movements across the floor. The floor and our stilettos will be our main apparatuses, and we'll occasionally use the pole and chairs as well. Floor Work is an open level class.

Attire: Layers (covered shoulders are recommended), pole shoes (better for sliding around), knee pads.

Burlesque, Jazz, Chair Dance, Contemporary, Fllor Work, Bozeman Aerial Fitness
Burlesque, Jazz, Chair Dance, Contemporary, Bozeman Aerial Fitness
Chair Dance

We begin with a short warm up to help you loosen up and prepare for dancing. You will learn a mini-routine incorporating slow, controlled and sensual movements that will help strengthen your core, increase endurance, strength and fluidity.

Some (not all) routines require removing layers during the routine as well as teaching stripping techniques. Usually a top layer (button-up shirt) and a bottom layer (skirt, etc.). Most choose to undress to a tank top or bra and bootie shorts. No nudity. Take your routine home to show off to that someone special.

Heels are optional.

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