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What to Know:

We are excited to welcome you to Bozeman Aerial Fitness. Here are a few tips and things to know about the studio and making your class reservation to ensure you come prepared and have the best time in your classes with us!


  • Class bookings should always be made in advance online – we cannot reserve a place or guarantee there is room for you in the class without an on-line reservation, so it’s best to book in advance or you might not get a spot!

  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your class as the studio will not be open prior to this. Make sure you read the Studio Guidelines and fill out your Student Profile when booking your first reservation. A Studio Participation Agreement is required before attending any classes with Bozeman Aerial Fitness. Please arrive 10 minutes before your first class to complete this. Before you to come to your first class, we also ask that you please read the Missed Class Policies/ Cancellation Policies.


  • We require a 12 hour cancellation notice. You can re-schedule your class to another session on our booking page prior to the 12 hour cancellation window. Late cancellations will mean you lose that class. We DO NOT offer refunds, so please check your booking before purchase. 

  • If you need to cancel all together and are not sure of when you'd like to reschedule, you will receive the class pass back to your account provided the 12 hour notice is given. You can then re-schedule your class to another session on our booking page at your convenience.

  • Workshops and Special Events cannot be cancelled online, please read cancellation requirements for each of these special events. Contact the front desk at #406.595.4646 with any questions.

  • We do not provide make-ups or refunds for missed classes in any of our series. If you have to miss a class, you are welcome to schedule a private session (at extra cost) to cover the training you missed.

  • While every effort is made to ensure that your class or workshop is held as planned, Bozeman Aerial Fitness reserves the right to cancel or revise any class time or instructor as necessary. If a class is cancelled, students will be notified and if no reasonable alternative class can be found for the same week, we will extend your class pack by an additional week.


  • We have Wi-Fi on site for all students to study your Instagram & youtube videos while practicing in Open Pole or Open Studio Sessions.



Please check each class for what is recommended for your attire.

  • POLE  - For beginners, any type of workout gear is appropriate. Feel free to wear your yoga pants, leggings, shorts, etc. with your tank or tee. After your intro to pole, you will want to wear shorts with your tank or tee to allow grip on the pole. Classes are taught barefoot or you may choose to wear heels to pole classes, except where notated. Any shoes worn in class must be strictly indoor shoes and not your street shoes. Please refrain from wearing any lotion or body oils before class. You will also be required to remove any jewelry or cover it with tape if not removeable.


  • YOGA, AERIAL YOGA, AERIAL ARTS, STRETCHING/FLEXIBILITY or HANDSTANDS - It's best to wear form-fitting clothing that covers your underarms and knees (for example, a fitted tee and leggings). Avoid loose clothing that may fall out of place when moving around or in inversions. Please refrain from wearing clothing with zippers, buttons, dangling straps, or anything else that may snag the fabric. We also ask that nails be trimmed and/or smooth to the touch. All jewelry is prohibited (incl. earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, Fitbits, anklets, toe rings, and any other face or body piercing. If not removable, it must be covered with tape). Absolutely no exceptions for your safety and ours. Please refrain from applying hand lotion, oils, and perfume prior to class.


**It is recommended to bring warm up gear like leggings/ track pants and sweaters/hoodies for the Warm Up in any Dance/ Fitness class (and a bottle of water).




  • Open Pole and Open Studio is available to all students who are able to work safely and independently. To be approved for gym usage, please contact us at to schedule an evaluation/orientation during one of our open studio sessions.

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