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Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock, Silks, Bozeman Aerial Fitness

Strengthen and rejuvenate your body and mind. Both Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hammock infuse traditional yoga poses with a fabric hammock that is used throughout the practice to help support and guide the body. Some postures are held to increase strength while others flow through a sequence that encourages fluidity and focus on breath. Aerial Yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility. Inversions alleviate back and neck compression and help to align the spine. The main difference between Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hammock is that Aerial Hammock strings many yoga poses into a dance sequence.

Aerial Yoga & Aerial Hammock

​Aerial Yoga

Our current classes are a fusion of traditional poses of yoga combined with aerial arts, which offers restoration, flexibility and balance along with strength and flow. Experience the therapeutic qualities of yoga in a suspended fabric hammock, get strong with upper body and core work, and find alignment and balance in this fun class.  

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Go inward as we work on breathing, releasing our bodies and letting go of stress. Restorative Yoga is a passive practice that rests the body and calms the nervous system. Poses are traditionally held for longer periods of time with the use of props and guided visualization to allow the practitioner to transcend to a deeper level of relaxation and sense of peace. This class is wonderful for beginners, those with injuries, and if you're just in need of some unwinding.

Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock, Silks, Bozeman Aerial Fitness

Aerial Hammock Dance Workshops

Combine yoga poses and dance elements with the use of the hammock. Increase flexibility, endurance and improve flow as you move through a sequence of dance and yoga poses. Create stability in inversions and balancing postures and increase movement through transitions with the support of the hammock. Each workshop or series will string together a sequence of dance and yoga poses to create a fun and challenging workout.

**Watch for Upcoming Workshops

​Private Aerial Yoga Lessons
Take time to learn aerial yoga. Get personalized attention and time with our instructors as you learn aerial yoga at your own speed. This is a great option for students who want specialized classes, have time constraints or need a personal training experience with aerial yoga.

More info on Pricing.

​Private Aerial Yoga Classes
Do you and your friends need a private class? Schedule a time for your own private aerial yoga class. Class is an hour and we require 4 students to attend, but up to 6 total may join you. Call us to Schedule. More Info on Pricing.​

Helpful Tips

1. Come to class a few minutes earlier so we can setup your hammock to the correct height.
2. Wear loose comfortable clothing. We recommend t-shirts that cover the armpits and capris or pants.
3. Bring your yoga mat and a water bottle.
​4. We have 6 hammocks available for classes and up to 8 for privates. Register online for class.
5. Please remember to take off  jewelry and do not wear clothing with zippers or sharp embellishments  that may catch on the fabric.​

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