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We are open for studio classes!

Please Note  - Current Studio Policies

All studio floors and surfaces will be disinfected

before and after classes

  • All students and instructors must wear masks at all times within the studio.

  • Please register for class 60 minutes in advance. Class sign up is online only. (No walk-in’s, for now.)

  • All students and instructors must maintain a six foot distance. 

  • Please wear clean clothing, that has not been at multiple locations, or in high contact areas. When possible, please use the facilities at your home prior to class.

  • All poles will be cleaned prior to class. students will be provided alcohol spray and a clean towel for use during class and will be required to clean the pole at the end of each session, then place soiled towels in laundry bin prior to exiting studio.

  • aerial yoga students must sign up for a 4-week series and will be assigned a hammock for the duration of the series that will only be touched by the student.

  • Please bring your own water, grip aids, yoga mat and props            * the disinfecting process takes substantial time (yoga mat rental is $1.) 

  • Because we are limited to smaller class sizes, we will have a strict no-show/late-cancel policy : If you sign up and don’t come to class, you will lose your class pass - no exceptions. Please - If you sign up, show up!

Class Check in:

  • Please wait outside of the studio, until just a few minutes before class time. We also ask that you Please limit items that you are bringing into studio.

  • If this is your first time joining us, please make sure your student profile is complete and your waiver is signed. All information is required and must be completed prior to your first class.

  • Upon arrival, please remove your shoes and immediately wash your hands at the sink, then proceed to your assigned apparatus/practice area. 

  • When class is over, please gather your belongings and exit. Please do not loiter and please maintain a six foot distance. 


Thank You For Your Understanding.

We Look Forward to You Joining Us In The Studio !

 Please read Studio Guidelines prior to coming to class for the first time.


All students are required to have a Participation Agreement on file and a completed Student Profile filled out in its entirety before beginning classes with us. You may view the schedule and register for classes by clicking the link below.

If we have only one student we reserve the right to not hold a class.

It will be left up to the discretion of the Studio/Instructor as to whether or not class will be held.

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Join us within The Studio at Indira Spa & Wellness
520 E Babcock Street ~ Bozeman
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