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A fusion of traditional poses of yoga combined with aerial arts, offering restoration, flexibility and balance along with strength and flow. Experience the therapeutic qualities of yoga in a suspended fabric hammock, get strong with upper body and core work, and find alignment and balance in this fun class.  

This 60-minute class is for beginners/intermediate aerial yoga students. Classes incorporate breathing techniques, relaxation practices, meditations, along with asanas (postures). The yoga postures are supported with the use of suspended aerial silks, which serve as a safe and effective tool to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance.

Aerial Yoga

Wednesdays @ 5:45 pm

Restore, Energize and Fly With Us!

Build strength, learn aerial arts and take flight with innovative fitness classes.

Feel Strong. Feel Confident. Get Fit. Have Fun.


Classes throughout the week. All fitness levels welcome.

Does Your Workout Fly?

restore.  energize.  fly.

Join us within The Studio at Indira Spa & Wellness
520 E Babcock Street ~ Bozeman
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